The Plant Small RNA Maker Suite (P-SAMS) is a web tool for the simple and automated design of artificial miRNAs (amiRNAs) and synthetic trans-acting small interfering RNAs (syn-tasiRNAs) for efficient and specific targeted gene silencing in plants. Use the webtool here, or download the script here if you prefer the command line.

If using P-SAMS please cite:
Fahlgren, N, Hill ST, Carrington JC, Carbonell A (2016) P-SAMS: a web site for plant artificial microRNA and synthetic trans-acting small interfering RNA design. Bioinformatics 32: 157-158.

Art-sRNA B/c vectors

We have developed several plant BsaI/ccdB-based (“B/c”) vectors for high-throughput cloning of amiRNAs and syn-tasiRNAs. All vectors should be requested at Find the cloning protocol here.

AmiRNA vectorPlant speciesPublicationAddgene number
pENTR-AtMIR390a-B/c –Carbonell Plant Phys 2014 51778
pFK210B-AtMIR390a-B/c EudicotsCarbonell Plant Phys 2014 51777
pMDC123SB-AtMIR390a-B/c EudicotsCarbonell Plant Phys 2014 51775
pMDC32B-AtMIR390a-B/c EudicotsCarbonell Plant Phys 2014 51776
pENTR-BS-AtMIR390a-B/cEudicotsCisneros NAR 2023199559
pMDC32B-BS-AtMIR390a-B/cEudicotsCisneros NAR 2023199560
pENTR-OsMIR390-B/c –Carbonell Plant J 2015 61468
pMDC123SB-OsMIR390-B/c MonocotsCarbonell Plant J 2015 61466
pMDC32B-OsMIR390-B/c MonocotsCarbonell Plant J 2015 61467
pH7WG2B-OsMIR390-B/c MonocotsCarbonell Plant J 2015 61465
Syn-tasiRNA VectorPlant speciesPublicationAddgene number2
pENTR-AtTAS1c-B/c –  Carbonell Plant Phys 2014 51774
pMDC123SB-AtTAS1c-B/c A. thaliana1  Carbonell Plant Phys 2014 51772
pMDC32B-AtTAS1c-B/c A. thaliana  Carbonell Plant Phys 2014 51773
pENTR-AtTAS1c-D2-B/c –  López-Dolz NAR 2020 137883
pMDC32B-AtTAS1c-D2-B/c A. thaliana López-Dolz NAR 2020 137884
pMDC32B-AtTAS1c-D2-B/c-AtMIR173 All López-Dolz NAR 2020 137885

1MiR173 is a non-conserved miRNA, thus a construct expressing miR173 has to be co-expressed with the syn-tasiRNA construct to induce syn-tasiRNA biogenesis in non-Arabidopsis species